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We have created DreamStudy (this website) to help others for free. We made this website as simple as possible, that anyone can run smoothly on their phone and computer. We have simple PDF's and Notes of the Course BCA, which will help you in quick reading and memorization. If you have any trouble in understanding any topic, then you came at right place. We will help you to eliminate all your problems.

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Features That Makes a Dream Reality

If you are looking for Notes, or if you may be confused in any Subject or in any Topic. Then you are at right place, at right time. We will help you as much as possible we can. Thanks...

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This website will help you to learn quickly.

Important Material

Here we will provide subject wise study materials in the PDF format also.

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Well-designed modern website with attractive and clear interface. Easy to download & read any content.

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This website helps in developing good study skills & motivates for self-study. It also shows the way towards success.

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We provide quality content in an easy and understandable way and that will boost your confidence level.

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All content is available in easy language that anyone can understand.

Mayank Rana

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website developer: Mayank Rana (@mayank4rana)

When I was in my earlier classes I had some difficulties in my studies. I felt that study material should be available on the tips and then i took a dream that one day.I will promote change by helping others and giving the path of shine. I wanted to help everyone and at a high level, but it was not easy to do, to build a network was a reasonable idea for this, and as a student of BCA I decided to create a website. ~ Mayank Rana